(FOREWORD: I’m probably not as interesting as I think I am)
After tearing through the plethora of graduation cards/compiling the mother load of checks I received from dozens of people I hadn’t seen or spoken to in a decade  (or ever, thanks Mom!), I realized something really, REALLY scary: I. Just. Graduated. And was starting a “big girl job”….next Monday.  First of all – what ever happened to the GigaPet/hair wrap/Lisa Frank/Oregon Trail/slinky/jellies days?  Second of all – since when is eeny-meeny-miney-moee not a legitimate way to make important decisions? I mean, don’t get me wrong; I’ve worked extremely hard my entire life to get right to this very point. But, despite popular belief that my 24 years have qualified me as a responsible adult who has her sh*% together – you’re wrong! I’m still still figuring it out, just like the rest of ‘em. OBVIOUSLY, I figured the most convenient way to share my life-learning experiences with those in a similar position as myself would be to blog about it all! (a blog? extremely original, I know, you guys).
So… here’s to the lack of sleep we will undoubtedly face; to the Facebook friends who will make us feel like we’re the biggest freaks on earth for not wanting to be married with 5 kids by the age of 25; to getting paid like an adult but feeling like 10 year olds inside; and  to EVERY BIT of love, laughter & ridiculousness in between.