Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Boy Toys... Literally.

So I grew up in a family of ALL girls. I'm serious - even our dogs were girls. Poor dad. Because of this, I've always made sure to pay special attention to the presents I buy him. He kind of deserves it at this point. I mean... we have lots of making up to do given the many many times he let us paint his nails, drag him to the mall for hours, watch Boy Meets World instead of football games etc. But shopping for guys is always HARD. Especially when you grew up with sisters. And now not only do I have my dad to creatively shop for, but my boyfriend (who is a whole other ball game - I'll post about his gift this year in a later post!), his brother, and their dad as well. BUT, hallelujah, praise be to tech gadgets. There is probably nothing better than a man opening a new gadget to play with on Christmas. SO, here are some fun boy toys for you to get any/all of the important men in your life. And all for $150 and under! Enjoy!

Apple TV
Nike Fuel Band
JayBird Headphones
Mophie Juice Pack
Virtual Keyboard

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