Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm a slacker... and I blame Birkenstocks.

Hi friends! Ok so I am a HUGGGEE slacker and haven't posted anything in like... almost a year. My B! Life has been totally cray-zee and I know I could go on and on about what a busy and intriguing life I lead (ok fine not all that intriguing guys, take that part back) but I won't bore you with all that nonsense.  Instead I'll talk about my current likes and dislikes of the moment (seriously, some of them actually apply to only this exact moment) and hope that if anything I bring a lil smile to your cute faces. K? K!  (Mom I'm talking to you duh). 


- MAC Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye Primer.  I would drink this stuff if I could. I mean if it can smooth out the gnarly concealer creases I get under my eyes on the daily, AND keep my layered going-out eyeshadow lookin' perfect for a ridiculous night of dancing and shenanigans, it can smooth out my whole life, right?! Go getchya self the perfect dewy-soft look with this magic in a bottle. And ok their entire line of primers is really good, but I'm just especially obsessed with this one in specific lately because I've been extra sensitive to any creases/lines/crinkles on my face. 

- Camo jackets. Yep, you heard me right. I just snagged this TopShop thang during the Nordies half yearly sale (and... maybe 87348734 other things, oops!) and couldn't be more in love with it. I think it turns any outfit rugged-chic instantly, and boy do I love me some rugged-chic. Throw on over a grey tee, some skinny jeans, mix-matched bangles and a cute bootie shoe and you've got yourself the outfit I have worn about 5 times in the last month. Not sorry. However I just came across this A+ look so I think I'll be switchin' it up soon guys don't worry. 

Lancome Renergie Lift Multi Action Night Cream. Remember when I said that I've been extra sensitive to any creases/lines/crinkles on my face lately? Well let me re-emphasize that EXTRA SENSITIVE. I know I know I'm young and don't have wrinkles and am youthful blah blah blah. But I think anyone who has seen the first evidence of a small, light, crinkle (yes crinkle) in between their eyeballs has a minor freak out and spends many a nights obsessively rubbing in different night creams on it and tries to open her eyes wider throughout the day so the crinkle doesn't worsen. Oh is that just me? Whatever. But thanks to this stuff, I swear it has lessened!!!! It's super lightweight, smells AH-MAZING, and is gentle enough to put over your whole face and neck. I don't think there's anything wrong with using anti aging cream in your 20's as a preventative measure no matter how silly you think that sounds. So if you don't use anything, and you're on the same page as me, I would highly encourage you to try this glorious stuff! 

- BALI. No but really, that place is AWESOME. I need to remind my sister to help me (and by help me I mean do it for me, obviously) compile a video of all the prime/ridiculous footage we captured throughout our trip. Spoiler alert: we got fish pedicures. Do I even need to say more to get you excited about this footage?! Didn't think so. But on a serious note, Bali was absolutely GORGEOUS. It didn't hurt that I was with some of my favorite people on this planet (aka my sisters and dad) but it truly was the trip of a lifetime and I highly recommend you go if you are looking for your next vacation destination. The people are kind, the shopping is CHEAP, the food is delish, the drinks are strong and the sunsets are phenomenal. 

- My boyfriend. Sorry guys this ones not for purchase! I have been contemplating doing my own version of the surplus number of blog posts I have seen as of late around the ever so popular "TO GET MARRIED (if you don't, you'll probably die alone, and you may or may not become infertile by age 26) OR NOT TO GET MARRIED (if you do, you'll never have fun ever again in your life, ever) IN YOUR 20'S" debate. But until I shower you with my full perspective; I'll just point out the fact that in over 4 years of dating we have never once broken up, have never stopped laughing with (and by with I really mean at) each other, and most importantly (in my opinion), have never stopped enjoying growing up together and pushing each other to be our very best selves both independently, and in our relationship. 


- Music festivals. WHO HAVE I BECOME?! No but seriously. If you know me you know I'm a huge music/concert junkie (case in point: I'm going to 2 concerts in the next 3 days) so let me just emphasize the FESTIVAL portion of this dislike. And, OK OK I should generalize that I hate ALL music festivals because in reality I have only been to one. Ever. And it was reallllly frickin cold, which definitely didn't help. Have you guessed what it was yet? Ok prob not so I'll just go ahead and tell you it was Outside Lands right here in good ole SF a couple weeks ago. While it was cool to experience (and now I can say I've been duh) and there were fun moments; as a 5'3 lil shrimp with a terrible dust allergy and a personality that doesn't do super well just sitting and waiting for things (otherwise known as extremely fu&%!ng impatient. hey I can admit it!) when its about 30 degrees and windy as shet out, it just really wasn't as fabulous as I expected it to be? Damn you guys who post amazing festival Instas and tricked me! And let me tell ya what - drinking for 3 days straight is just a lot harder than it used to be. 

- urBeats. HA! Wouldya look at that! They're on sale now. Wonder why?! Oh let me tell you why. BECAUSE THEY BREAK. And they break easily. Is the sound better than my iPhone headphones? You betchya. Did they last longer than my iPhone headphones? Absolutely not. I'm talking 2+ years with the same pair of apple headphones vs hardly a month with these things before one entire side randomly popped right out of it's lil socket mid elliptical sesh. Ridiculous! And I know most people don't have this experience but as you can see I'm a little bitter. Oopsies! Good news is they do have pretty great customer service, and they're sending me a new pair. Maybe I can move this one into my likes in the next few weeks. I JUST REALLY WANTED TO LOVE THEM GUYS!!! 

- Birkenstocks. Like sorry if you own a pair but WHY ARE WE TRYING TO MAKE THESE HAPPEN? They are NOT CUTE! No matter how you wear them! And yes I'm referring to the T-bar and the weird toe stranglers and the Jesus-style Birks. Every Birk style you can think of: THEY. ARE. NOT. CUTE. No, not even the turquoise ones, mom. Ok maybe on Jesus they would be cute, fine. But in all seriousness, I don't care how comfy they are, they are HID. I can think of a million other shoes you could be wearing if you're going for the comfort factor and paying THAT MUCH MONEY. Hello, have you ever heard of UGG MOCCS, anyone?! Or my fave ever LL Bean Moccs that I may or may not wear to work sometimes?! You're welcome. 

- Bad airbrush tans.  Let me preface this with the fact that I am the BIGGEST advocate for airbrush tanning and literally go every Thursday to get one. Medium clear for me, thanks! (PS If you live in SF, check out Organic Shimmer! Go see Amanda you won't regret it, swear!). Not only has a good airbrush tan kept me out of the tanning beds for 3+ years now can I get a pat on the back here, people?!) but looking like you just spent a couple days in the sun when in reality you do nothing but sit inside at a desk staring at your computer all day does WONDERS for your confidence I tell ya what. And Airbrush isn't the same as a spray tan if ya didn't know - airbrush is where a person literally takes a lil spray gun and essentially paints your body,  vs spray tan where you stand in an automated booth, it sprays your front, then you turn, and it sprays your back. And the whole reason I love airbrush tanning is because it is a PERSON doing it, not a machine, so you can tell them where to go lighter aka hands, feet, knees, face, elbows etc aren't orange and you come out with a super natural, sun kissed look.  HOWEVER, all it takes is ONE bad airbrush to throw a girl off. And let me tell you what, I got one a few weeks ago. Just a lil visual for you: my feet and upper lip were the darkest parts on my body. #help. Thank goodness for loofas! 

That's all for now TATA! xx

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