Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear Skin, Stop That Aging Nonsense!

Literally, refuse. Ok well I guess I need to make money & such. But in every other aspect - I REFUSE! Some call it Peter Pan Syndrome... some call it Gerontophobia.... I call it I-really-just-don't-want-to-get-wrinkles-or-have-too-much-responsibility-syndrome. Real talk: when I see all of these girls on Facebook getting married and popping out 10 children all before the age of 25, I start to hyperventilate. Ok, not really, but it does really stress me out. WHY DO YOU WANT TO GROW UP SO FAST?! I mean... I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 years (next month! wow!) and we still are in the let's go to the park and swing for an hour and then go get drunk off a $5 bottle of gas station wine phase. Maybe I'm crazy..... Maybe I'm immature... Maybe I'm smart.... Who knows... Who cares.... All I know is by the time I am ready for all of that scary "life" stuff I want to look EXACTLY the same. Ok well for the most part at least. Wrinkles TERRIFY me, you guys. They do. There's nothing scarier than saggy face skin. SAGGY FACE SKIN. See, it even sounds scary! And because I am so so SO so SO afraid of needles and just jacking up my face in general (I'm allergic to EVERYTHING, mind you), Botox is probably always going to be out of the question. SO, I made a pact with myself to do what I could to keep my skin healthy & young from as early on as I cared to (which was sophomore year in college). Yes, this included banning myself from tanning beds (alternatives to tanning in beds will come in a later post!), wearing face sunscreen daily and adding anti-aging creams to my nightly routine. Call me crazy for using an anti-aging cream at 22, but there is so much research that backs the importance of taking care of your skin from an early age to prevent wrinkles/damage later on. And by golly I am going to do what I can to lessen my chances of an extreme case of saggy skin!

Step 1 - Philosophy Purity Made Simple
             Clarisonic Mia Skincare Brush
Step 2 - Super by Dr. Perricone Firming Activator
Step 3 - Super by Dr. Perricone Night Recharge with Red Algae
Step 4 - La Mer The Eye Concentrate

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